The Best Bets at Premier Bet

Premier Bet is known throughout Malawi as being the sole provider of licensed and regulated sports betting, both offline and online. So, what can be considered as some of the best sports for betting on at the platform? Well, let’s take a look at what’s on offer and pass some advice on about it.

The most popular sports are listed at the top of the online sportsbook, and as we all know, Malawi has quite the affection with football, tennis, basketball and volleyball betting. Table tennis also stands out as being a popular sport for betting on, while various eSports also make up a good collection of top-tier sports betting opportunities.

Should you opt for football betting at Premier Bet, all of the usual suspects can be found as markets. This includes England’s Premier League, Germany’s Bundesliga and Italy’s Serie A. Of course, some of the lesser-known clubs and games can be wagered on at the sportsbook too, including those based in Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Israel and Switzerland.

One of the great parts about Premier Bet as well, is that it allows you to participate in Live Betting, so you can place stakes on events while they’re in-play. This makes for a much more thrilling and exciting variation of sports betting and gives you a much more in-the-moment feel to your experience. Of course, should you wish to find an alternative bookmaker, you can read more on various sites at Efirbet. Many reviews have been conducted there, so a large number of sportsbooks have had their services scrutinised by experts and written up for bettors to read.

Other Betting Opportunities at the Sportsbook

Premier Bet has some other intriguing betting opportunities for you to take advantage of, too. For example, various specials can be found for wagering on, including a selection of entertainment bets. These can be anything from television show outcomes to contests that can’t really be considered as sports, but can still be wagered on. As things stand at the moment, members of the sportsbook can bet on various outcomes of Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest 2020. That’s set to air live on July 4, and features competitions for both men and women.

Politics remain in operation around the world as well, and these have betting opportunities for people to involve themselves in. Many people have already spent their time betting on who they believe will win the US Presidential Election this year and on who they think will become the next UK Prime Minister once Boris Johnson steps down.

Meanwhile, there are odds provided for who will become the BBC Sports Personality of the Year for 2020. With the difficulty that the sporting world has been going through in recent months, that could be quite a hard one to predict the outcome of. However, candidates include Tyson Fury, Justin Rose, Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling.

So, as you can see, alongside the popular sports bets that you can place at Premier Bet, you can also wager on some unique options as well. This is what makes Premier Bet quite the enthralling platform to sign up to and engage in sports betting at.