Mordecai Msiska puts Malawi in the spotlight


Senior Counsel Mordecai Msiska has saved the day for Malawi having brought the country to international attention after turning down a ministerial position.

The veteran legal expert was trusted by President Lazarus Chakwera to head the Ministry of Justice. However, Msiska did not take up the position arguing it would appear like a reward for his pivotal role in the elections case.

His decision has made him a subject of appraisals from inside and outside Malawi.  Citizens of other countries have also expressed their admirations for Malawi on Twitter.

“Why can’t we have such a character in Congo,” tweeted Kfabrice @harumutasa

Other tweebs have said the country has set standards which distinguishes it from other African countries.

Hans Rama @hansrama1 said in his tweet, “Now am doubting Malawi is an African country. This level of integrity is unheard of.”

“Are Malawians really from continent Africa?” Questioned Sammy [email protected]

“Do we still have such species in Africa, very rare to find in many countries, mine Tanzania inclusive,” said Wilson.

President Chakwera made five cabinet appointments on Monday which he argues are crucial in the national transition. He is set to appoint other cabinet ministers in a few days’ time.