Analysts say Chakwera’s appointees capable of delivering


Social and political commentators in the country have commended the newly elected Malawi president Dr Lazarus Chakwera for his recent appointments.

The development comes as president Chakwera on Monday made several appointments with Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima as Minister responsible for Economic Planning and Development and Public Sector Reforms.

The Malawi leader has also appointed former NICO CEO Felix Mlusu as Finance Minister, while Homeland Security Minister is lawmaker Richard Chimwendo Banda with Dr. Chikosa Silungwe as the country’s Attorney General.

President Chakwera has also hired Zangazanga Chikhosi as the new Chief Secretary to Government deputized by Dr Janet Banda while Prince Kapondamgaga is the new Chief of Staff of State Residences.

Reacting to these appointments, political analyst Dr Boniface Dulani said president Chakwera has made right appointments claiming that all the appointees have the possibility of delivering.

Dr Dulani said Malawians should expect an excellent service delivery from these appointees claiming that they have the capability, high integrity and professionalism which has necessitated their appointments.

“To me, these appointees have the desired qualifications for their job and I am seeing them delivering excellently but there is need for their commitment and dedication,” said Dr Dulani.

In a separate interview, social commentator Wonderful Mkhutche said president Chakwera should be commended for the appointments.

Mkhutche added that Malawians are so desperate for a change so there is need for the president to work to the expectations of the entire citizenry as advised by the president himself.

“Yes. Some are not professionals, for example Richard Chimwendo Banda who is now Minister of Homeland Security. But he is a young man full of vigor and passion. That is what will be useful in his job.

“As the President has said, he has made the appointments looking at issues needing immediate attention. The President has told the appointees to work for the betterment of Malawi. It shows what he expects from them, and also what Malawians expect as well,” said Mkhutche.

He then added that the president seems to only be looking for a cabinet that will deliver so people should expect a combination of professionals and non-professionals in Chakwera’s full cabinet.

He, however, said that the non-professionalism will not matter as what Malawians want is a cabinet that is able to deliver.

Chakwera said on Monday that his full cabinet will not have more than 30 members, and said 40 percent will be women in keeping with the principle of gender balance.

The full Cabinet is expected to be announced before Independence Day, July 6, when the President will be inaugurated at the Bingu National Stadium in the capital city on.