Africans ask Malawi new attorney general to retain his natural afro

... Chikosa Silungwe joins Einstein, Karl Marx


Africans have asked new Attorney General (AG) of Malawi Chikosa Silungwe not to cut his natural hair.

Silungwe was appointed the new AG of Malawi on Tuesday following Lazarus Chakwera’s ascendancy to the high office of President.

The new Malawi AG wears locks and his appointment as AG has seen him trending on social media.

Africans have been inspired by his hair with many saying he has challenged stereotypes, especially as he is in a profession with a well-established standard of dressing and grooming.

Twitter users have been posting a picture of Silungwe in natural hair.

“All of us with natural hair and locks are saying “Please don’t cut your hair Dr Silungwe,” tweeted @ZilanieGondwe on Monday.

“I’m glad to say now you can never judge me by hair or piercings. Congratulations to Malawi’s new attorney general, Dr Chikosa,” said another Twitter user.

While another user tweeted: “Chikosa Silungwe, PhD. The incoming Malawi AG. Our lovely African moms should see this!!!”

Silungwe hold a Bachelors Degree from the University of Malawi and he has a Master’s degree in law and a PhD both from University of Warwick in the United Kingdom.

Before his appointment as AG, Silungwe was a private practice lawyer. He was one of Vice President Saulos Chilima’s lawyers in the elections case in which Chilima and Chakwera challenged the results of the 2019 Presidential Elections.

The Constitutional Court nullified the polls and Malawi held Fresh Presidential Elections on June 23 where Chakwera and Chilima were elected President and Vice President of Malawi respectively.