Gemini Major praises youthful dancehall queen


Malawi’s internationally recognised artist Gemini Major has praised promising female dancehall queen Amaka.

Commenting on the 16-year old’s video for her single “allergic to haters” via a tweet, the Ragga Ragga hit maker has saluted her for the rare talent. Gemini who is also an audio producer also said he is ready to support the young talent.

Amaka and her mom

“She’s sensational, I love it. I am really f****ing the vibes, I wanna be on the remix,” said Gemini in a tweet

Amacka has won people’s hearts a few days after being put in the spotlight by local online music promoters. She continues to be applauded for her mesmerizing live performance at Mikozi studios in the past week.

The young lady is currently being managed by her mother. It is believed Gemini’s intervention will have a great impact on her talent since he is well known across the continent.

Meanwhile her video for Allergic to Haters is enjoying viewership while registering more downloads on YouTube. Apart from that, the video is also getting positive feedback from the international community.

Should Gemini give the Amacka brand the much needed international visibility, Malawi will be proud to add numbers to its internationally recognised list.