Voting closes in Malawi

Voting has closed in many polling stations across the country and now vote counting has begun.

On Tuesday, Malawians went to polling stations to vote in the Fresh Presidential Elections. Most centres opened at 6AM and closed at 6PM with the process of vote counting starting after the closure.

In Lilongwe during polling, there was high turnout of voters more especially at Tsabango Community Day Secondary School Centre, Lilongwe Technical College Polling Station, Kaufulu Polling Station and St John’s Primary School Station where Malawi24 visited.

It was also noted that Malawi Defence Force (MDF) and Malawi Police Service (MPs) provided tight security at the voting places.

However, observing social distancing to prevent Covid-19 was a challenge in some centres especially at Tsabango Community Day Secondary School Centre where people did not wash hands before voting while in others people are following the measures.

St John’s Primary School polling station has 9 stations with 1,000 registered voters; Tsabango Community Day Secondary School Centre has 3,361 registered voters for two centres; Kaufulu Primary School Polling Station has two stations with 1,250 registered voters while Lilongwe Technical College polling station has two station with 1,000 registered voters.