CFT leader Mtambo warns against rigging


Citizen for Transformation (CFT) leader Timothy Mtambo cast his ballot at District Commissioners office polling centre in Lilongwe where he warned against attempts to rig the Fresh Presidential Elections.

Speaking to members of the press, Mtambo said as a citizen of Malawi he was very happy to have cast his vote.

Voters in Lilongwe

He then warned people who are planning to rig elections that they should stop saying they are enemies of progress.

Mtambo also called on Malawians to be alert and protect their votes.

In Lilongwe City West Constituency, several polling centers started vote casting at 6am but at Lilongwe Town Hall, the voting process started at 6:20am.

Malawi24 visited DC Offices polling centre, Town Hall, Livimbo primary school and Mwenyekondo in Area 36 where a few challenges were noted.

At Town Hall Polling Centre, people were failing to observe the one-meter distance due to lack of enough space at the centre.

Some voters reported that their names were missing and there was also the presence of newly registered voters who are not eligible to vote in the 2020 elections.

However, security was tight at all the centres as police officers and Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers were making sure that the election should be peaceful.