Kachale happy with preparations in Neno

Chairperson of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Dr Chifundo Kachale on Monday evening made a surprise visit to inspect the preparation of polling stations as well district tally centre in Neno and he was impressed with the preparations.

Kachale said the commission is doing spot checks to verify if everything is set ready for the Fresh Presidential Election on Tuesday June 23.

“We are happy that here in Neno all preparations on the ground are looking promising and we have learnt that all materials and staff have been deployed, we are also very happy to hear that MDF have deployed their full contagious of forces and have given us an assurance of total security in all polling canters,” said Kachale.

Kachale listening attentively to Neno District Commissioner Blessings Nkhoma in red jacket
Kachale listening attentively to Neno District Commissioner Blessings Nkhoma in red jacket

Kachale said the presence of party monitors at the district tally center and in other polling stations in the district is giving the commission confidence that everything that needed to be in place is set.

On the deficit of K10 billion which MEC is yet to source from treasury, Kachale said he is very confident that the resources will be made available because the polling is not only happening on election day since even after the polling the commission will be tasked to collect results and all those processes will require funds.

Kachale also urged the district Commissioner for the district Blessing Nkhoma who is also the Returning Officer to should make sure that the tally centre only accommodate those that have been accredited by MEC.

Apart from visiting district tally center, Kachale also visited some of the places where MEC materials are being kept to make sure all the polling materials needed to be at the polling centers have been deployed.

During the 2019 presidential elections which were nullified by the court, Neno district was hailed as the best when it was noted that the district did not produce even a single tippexed results sheets.