Phuka says Malawi registering success in COVID-19 fight

Co-chairperson of the Coronavirus Taskforce John Phuka announced eight new coronavirus cases on Wednesday but said Malawi is registering success in the fight against the pandemic.

Phuka said in a statement that seven of the new cases were identified at Mwanza border during screening while the other patient is from Mzimba South.

He added that though there is steady increase in the number of cases, the country is registering success in the fight against Coronavirus.

Phuka said health workers are working hard every day in screening, testing, contact tracing and managing patients.

“As of today, we have 73 recoveries out of 572 people who were tested and confirmed positive, who have been cared for by our health workers and have successfully been confirmed free from COVID-19,” said Phuka.

He noted that the people who have recovered were tested, accepted their results and cooperated with health authorities as they received care and support.

Phuka also mentioned a pregnant woman who recovered from COVID-19 and another woman who tested positive but went on to deliver a baby as success stories.

“If we accept our situation and do something to protect ourselves, protect our loved ones, protect everyone and support the commendable job that our health care workers are doing every day, we will be successful in this fight against COVID-19,” said Phuka.