Insurance officer arrested for calling police officers ‘bloodsuckers’

Police in Dedza have arrested a Reunion Insurance officer for accusing police officers of being bloodsuckers.

Dedza police station deputy publicist Sergeant Cassim   Manda has identified the suspect as Matthews Mvenya aged 34.

He said Mvenya who was coming from an unknown destination met police officers at Airfield location within Dedza Township.

When Mvenya met the police officers, he started insulting them by calling them bloodsuckers.

Police officers tried to reason with him that they were not bloodsuckers but he insisted claiming that they are behind alleged acts of blood sucking.

The police officers then arrested him and took him to the police station. Manda, however, did not reveal the charges which the suspect will face.

Meanwhile, Dedza Police Station has branded ongoing rumours of bloodsucking vampires as myth because they do not exist.

Mvenya hails from Kapesi village in the area of traditional authority Kachere in Dedza district.