Atupele lauds Catholic Church for building schools in Eastern Region


The DPP/UDF Alliance runningmate, Atupele Muluzi, has praised the Roman Catholic Church for promoting education in the Eastern Region and has claimed that the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) failed to build schools in Balaka during its 31-year rule.

The United Democratic Front president made the remarks in Balaka on Monday in his whistle stop campaign rallies he is conducting in the Eastern Region.

The Mangochi Diocese which covers Machinga, Balaka and Mangochi districts has 257 primary schools, 30 nursery schools, 25 Secondary Schools, 2 colleges and 1 University, making a total of 315 schools.

“I wonder where we would go to get education if it was not for the Catholic Church building schools in this region, where we would go to get medication if it wasn’t for the Church development minded leaders,” he said.

He added: “I would like to thank in particular, the late Alessandro Assolari, may his soul rest in eternal peace, Fr Mario Pacifici and others for making Balaka look magnificent as it is today.”

Muluzi said the 31 years of Malawi Congress Party rule failed to bring tangible development to Balaka, saying there was one, Balaka Secondary School for Machinga (before Balaka was made a district) so it was important for the electorate to vote for DPP/UDF alliance that embraces development and democratic principles.

He reminded the gathering that from the one party system to multiparty democratic transition, the MCP torched the Montfort Media Press for printing out a pastoral letter, which he said was a testimony that the party does not accept democracy.

The DPP/UDF runningmate then told supporters that government will form will maintain the Balaka –Mangochi turn-off road and will build the Chilipa road that connects the district to Mangochi.

He also promised cotton and tomato farmers that the DPP/UDF alliance will plant factories in the district that will add value to crops that they already grow.

He asked the youth to desist from being used as agents of violence saying there is no development that can come from acts of violence and urged registered voters to go and cast their vote in large numbers come 23 June, 2020.

Muluzi arrived at Balaka rally venue at 17:40 where he found people waiting to be addressed and he immediately took to the podium to speak them.


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  1. Why political leaders in malawi always talk about other parties?
    Why dont you talk about what you are going to do when you have been chosen,it is a weakness for someone to stand in front of citizens who want to know what you are going to do for them then instead talking about another party.You can not campaign like that,it just shows that you dont have plans for the country.
    Leave other parties and start telling people what you are going to do for them.

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