I am half Malawian and half Zambian – Namadingo

Musician Patience Namadingo has said he is raring to apply for dual citizenship to be half Malawian and half Zambian due to the love he has for Zambia.

In a social media post made two days ago, Namadingo expressed his deep love for Zambia. He also said he is only waiting for the Parliament to pass the law that will allow Malawians to have dual citizenship.

“Clearly I am madly in love with another country as I love my own and in love with me are people of that country too. Today I declare myself a Malawian who is also Zambian,” reads part of his post.

The singer who is arguably at the peak of his career has some fans in Zambia. It is believed that his Zambian fan base has lured him to express his desire to be a citizen of that country.

In December last year, the Malawi Parliament amended the citizenship act to accommodate the dual citizenship concept. Prior to the changes, the Malawi republic constitution did not permit Malawi citizens and foreign nationals of Malawi descent above the age of 18 to hold dual citizenship.

This means the BET Awards aspirant will have his dream of having dual citizenship come true whenever the law is operationalized.