Atupele visits people injured by teargas canisters in Machinga


United Democratic Front (UDF) and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Atupele Muluzi visited people who were injured by teargas canisters after a group of people blocked Vice President Saulos Chilima’s convoy in Machinga.

Muluzi earlier today went to Umbwa in the area of Traditional Authority Chiwalo in Machinga where he expressed sadness over the incident where a woman and two boys were injured..

He demanded a thorough investigation into the matter and assured the victims that they will be taken to hospital for proper medical attention.

Family members claimed that Chilima’s bodyguards used live bullets to disperse the people that had blocked the road tin order to stop Chilima from passing through.

The incident happened last week when Chilima was in the district to conduct a campaign. He cancelled the rally due due to the incident.

On Monday, Chilima denied claims that his bodyguards shot the three people saying he failed to enter Machinga because the road was blocked.

“There was no any shooting,” said Chilima.

A hospital official at Machinga District Hospital also told the local media that no person with bullet wounds was treated at the hospital.

Eastern Region Police Station Spokesperson Joseph Sauka confirmed that it was officers from Machinga Police Station who fired teargas to disperse the group that had blocked the road.

“One person was injured by the teargas canister and was treated as an outpatient at private clinic,” he said.


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  1. Permit me to sort of ‘think’ the unthinkable here! Let’s imagine that the investigations are indeed and thoroughly carried out without any political interference, and it is discovered that ex-President Bakili Muluzi and some senior UDF zealots paid these youngsters to go and instigate the politically motivated violence, what happens to Bakili Muluzi and the senior paymasters?

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