Chilima thanks people in Mangochi for rejecting violence


Tonse Alliance led by its runningmate in the forthcoming fresh presidential polls, Saulos Chilima, on Sunday proceeded to hold a rally in Mangochi despite the threats some people staged on Saturday prior to the rally.

Tonse supporters

The rally drew a mammoth crowd of people, contrary to people’s expectation looking at the threats and by the mere fact that the district is regarded as UDF’s hot-bet.

Speaking at the rally held at St. Augustine 3 Primary School in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Mponda in the district, Chilima who is the country’s Vice-President commended people in Mangochi for paying deaf ears to thuggery plans the zealots had arranged.

“I would like to thank you people of Mangochi for welcoming us and patronising our function in large numbers. You have shamed the devil of stone pelting some people were fashioning for us thinking that this area belongs to them,” he said.

He said the people’s stance showed that they are tired of poverty and false promises and that they now want change from visionary leaders in the name of Tonse Alliance.

“I am extremely happy to what has happened. Let it be a habit. Desist violence and accommodate political parties coming in this district,” said Chilima, adding that Malawi chose democracy to allow political parties space to sell their manifestos to the electorate.

“We should not allow leaders to use us as agents of destruction,” he added.

The Tonse Alliance runningmate further advised people not to leaders to divide them because of religion or tribe, saying to be different from the two is not a passport of rivalry.

“Let people pray according to their devotion. We should not align politics with religion. Likewise, we should not marry tribe with politics,” said Chilima while tutoring that this is old-fashioned politics.

To this effect, he asked Tonse Alliance supporters to avoid retaliating when provoked but rather develop an anger of dislodging the present leadership from government.

“Don’t hit back. Instead wait for the voting day to show your angry,” said Chilima while renewing their promises of turning Mangochi into an enviable international city, offer jobs to Malawians, cheap fertilizer, making factories for fish, among others.

Speaking earlier, PP general secretary, Ibrahim Matola urged people in the district to rally behind Tonse Alliance and vote for it so that development can mushroom in the district.

UTM secretary general, Patricia Kaliati, said the Alliance is destined to change country, hence, asked people not to allow leaders to mislead them.

“All what we should do is just to unite and vote for Tonse Alliance because Tonse means all of us,” she said.








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  1. Wonderful atmosphere of co-existence. These are the kind of leaders Malawi needs.An idiotic member of parliament recently unashamedly encouraged certain tribes including the Yao to never attend rallies organized by the Tonse alliance, even threatening the chiefs to never respond to the Tonse alliance salutation slogans. Mangochi undeniably the district with the most majority of Yaos has refused to bow down to such cheap politics. That idiotic MP is a sad reflection of what her tribalistic party stands for. Malawi has resoundingly said A BIG NO to ethnic cleansing politics. Shame on you tribal warlords, your ancestors are definitely not from this part of Africa. Peace and Unity will send you packing very soon.

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