Nomads’ sponsors considering suspending sponsorship

Be Forward Wanderers’ sponsors are contemplating a three-month sponsorship suspension following a 79 percent production and sales loss due to Covid-19 pandemic.

According to an article published by Malawi News on Saturday, 6th June 2020, the two parties will hold an emergency meeting where the Japanese company, Be Forward Limited, will discuss the current financial meltdown that has hit the world due to the pandemic.

The development was confirmed by the company’s representative Mike Butao who said it will not be a crisis meeting but rather a normal meeting between a parent and a child.

“I wouldn’t call it a crisis meeting but rather a normal meeting which takes place between a child and a parent. A lot is happening, football is not being played but we are still getting our sponsorship every month. I believe it is going to be a fruitful meeting so let’s just keep our fingers crossed,” he was quoted by Malawi News.

However, the team’s General Secretary was quick to warn that sponsorship suspension will have a very negative impact on the club.

“If the sponsors are going to play hard ball then we are in for more trouble but let’s wait and see. We already started some income generating activities like the SMS promotion which we believe is going to be success but we need more money,” he said.

In April, Be Forward announced a 50 percent pay cut on Wanderers players as the world was massively hit by the pandemic.

Currently, the 2020 season in Malawi is still suspended till August as the restrictions on public gathering are still in full force.