Four buses carrying Malawians from South Africa arrives


Four buses carrying Malawian nationals who were stranded in South Africa due to lockdown arrived at Mwanza Border on Saturday.

Confirming the development was Mwanza border public relations officer Inspector Pasqually Zulu who said the arrival of the buses follows clearance by the Mozambican and Zimbabwean governments who intercepted them over COVID-19 pandemic.

Inspector Zulu said among these four buses, two are direct Monorurama buses from Johannesburg in South Africa which had 86 Malawian nationals in total and among them 26 are women and 4 minors whereas the remaining 56 are men.

The buses

He further said the other two are 3star buses from Harare with Malawian nationals who started their own international travel back to Malawi whilst Zimbabwe was on lockdown and were intercepted by security personnel whilst in transit to Malawi

It is reported that the Zimbabwe government intercepted the group so that they should be sent back home by the Malawi embassy in Harare through assistance from International Organization for Migration (I.O.M)

Meanwhile, these buses are still at the border while border formalities which involves all key stakeholders are still underway.  More buses with stranded Malawians on board are expected to arrive at the border Sunday, May 24.

The publicist further added that health personnel at the border are tirelessly working on the ground making sure that all the best preventive measures in this COVID-19 global healthy crisis are adhered to.


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  1. One third of them thy r positive (covid 19)

    I know Mhango will tell us about that…. By the way people was staying in there homes here in South Africa 😁

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