Police assure persons with albinism of protection


The Police in Mulanje and the Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM) Mulanje Chapter have reaffirmed their commitment in protecting persons with albinism in the district and providing them with support.

Speaking Wednesday when he met members of Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM) Mulanje Chapter,

Community Policing Coordinator in the district Beston Zawanda said just like other people, persons with albinism deserve protection from all security threats.

Zawanda said this is why police is working with community policing members across the district to ensure security for all persons with albinism.

“We remain committed to providing security for you all. In conjunction with community policing members across the district, we will make sure that you, just like other people, are protected,” he said.

On this note, Zawanda asked the grouping to report to police of any suspicions and security threats in their community saying communication is vital.

In his remarks, chairperson for APAM in Mulanje Pastor Clement Dairi, thanked police for the efforts in protecting persons with albinism.

He cited police visits to homes of persons with albinism as one of the initiatives that have helped a lot in protecting them.

“On behalf of APAM Mulanje chapter, I sincerely thank you for the security you provide in ensuring that we are protected. Whenever you visit us for example, we get encouraged that we are protected,” Dairi said.

Dairi then encouraged children with albinism to work hard in school saying education is key for one’s future.

“I urge you our children to work hard in school so that tomorrow you should be independent. If persons with albinism get educated, they too can perform well just as others do,” he observed.

He then promised that his organization was committed to finding support so that all children with albinism get educated.H