Ndanga backs Atupele for attaching religion to politics: opposition says it’s hate crime

United Democratic Front (UDF) spokesperson Ken Ndanga has defended the party’s president Atupele Muluzi for using religion as a tool for wooing voters.

During a whistle-stop campaign tour in Chiradzulu, Atupele who happens to be President Peter Mutharika’s running mate in the forthcoming fresh polls, told the masses that the late police officer Superintendent Usumani Imedi was killed because he was a Muslim.

“There was a police officer Imedi, he was discharging his duties professionally. But when they discovered that he was a Muslim from Mangochi, they killed him,” said Muluzi.

The politician has come under fire for the remarks.

Analysts argue the UDF leader is using religion as a tool for winning votes, a strategy that poses a threat to national unity.


However, the former ruling party’s mouthpiece finds nothing wrong in Muluzi’s remarks.

“Anybody who feels bitter with that statement must take himself or herself as a culprit. For example, I am a Christian and if I never killed anybody, why should I be worried?” said Ndanga in an interview with a local newspaper.

The late Imedi was killed by an angry mob during demonstrations in Nsundwe, earlier this year. He was stoned to death as he was calming the situation during the fracas.