Tonse Alliance touts Chakwera, Chilima as development conscious leaders


Tonse Alliance leaders on Tuesday conducted five whistle stop rallies in Karonga where they touted presidential candidate Lazarus Chakwera and runningmate Saulos Chilima as development conscious leaders.

The rally started from Songwe border up to Mwenitete in Karonga North Constituency before a mega rally at Baka school ground in Karonga North-West Constituency.

In all these venues, the message was one, urging electorates to vote for Tonse Alliance with Lazarus Chakwera as a torch bearer and Saulos Chilima as his running for smooth implementation of the alliance’s agenda; socio economic development through creation of one million jobs and infrastructure development.

People’s Party Vice President Ralph Mhone said the turn up in all the venues clearly indicated that the Tonse Alliance is a force to reckon with and that come July 2, it will carry the day to govern and develop Malawi beyond recognition.

He said: “Infrastructure development here in Karonga will begin with construction of a state of the art One Stop Centre at Songwe border that will be operating 24/7 because that is the hub of revenue collection for the account number one. And again, we will embark on a joint Songwe River development irrigation program with our Tanzanian counterpart to revamp green belt irrigation farming to eradicate hunger in the country”.

Mhone further told the electorates that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) does not deserve a vote in the Northern Region for failure to construct promised new Mzuzu and Karonga airports, Karonga and Mombera Universities and Mzuzu youth centre.

Taking his turn, the newly appointed Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) chairperson for the Presidential Council Frank Mwenifumbo told the mammoth crowd that after a short political romance with UDF as Presidential runningmate in the 2019 Tripartite Elections, the game has changed in 2020 fresh Presidential Polls and he urged voters to vote for Chakwera.

“This is not the DPP that the late Bingu wa Mutharika left. This one is full of greedy politicians who do not think about the plight of Malawians. They are there to enrich their pockets. Vote for Chakwera and Chilima, they have already sourced K75 billion revolving funds for soft loans to uplift your well-being,” Mwenifumbo said.

UTM director of strategic planning Norman Nyirenda said this fresh election should be used accordingly to punish the DPP by voting for change and he urged every Malawian to be a monitor to jealously safeguard their vote to avoid rigging.