Petitions for Jane Ansah`s resignation flood the internet


Calls for Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Justice Dr Jane Ansah`s resignation are heightening as Malawians on the internet continue to mobilize others to sign petitions on the issue.

The petitioners are using, an internet platform which accommodates people in terms of hosting their campaigns and working with decision makers, in a bid to drive solutions.

The electoral body`s boss is on record to have promised to abdicate once the Supreme Court faults the way in which MEC managed the 2019 nullified election.

However, after the highest court`s ruling on 8th May, which tallies Ansah`s promise, her resignation seems an unlikely event.

The chairperson has recently been shunning the media, which is eagerly waiting to pin her regarding her resignation promise. MEC commissioners’ contracts are due to expire in June before the fresh elections which are set for 2nd July.

However, some commentators believe the current commissioners should take charge of the fresh polls owing to the time factor. According to them, new commissioners will need more time to familiarize themselves with the system, failure of which the undesirable history will repeat itself.




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  1. Nothing doers. NO need for Jane Ansah to resign. She administered 3 polls. The Supreme Court did not annul parliamentary and presidential election results

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