UMOYO Mobile App set to support fight against Covid-19 in Malawi


Kawawa Digital Solutions has launched an Android mobile app to assist people with information in the fight against Coronavirus in Malawi.

The company has joined the quest to combat the virus epidemic with an App called UMOYO which is available in Play Store for all Android users in Malawi. The App gives users the ability to access it either in English or in Chichewa.

The UMOYO Mobile App is aimed at informing and encouraging the public to take safety precautions and necessary measures in protecting themselves and others against Covid-19.

Some of the features of the UMOYO App include the ability for users to access news and articles related to the virus. Users can also access a quick guide of safety tips and find answers to frequently asked questions relating to Coronavirus.

Operations Director of Kawawa Digital Solutions Victor Bemma said civic awareness is important as it will help with the quick delivery of reliable important coronavirus information to the public from reliable sources.

He said this will help facilitate a centralised information access point that is readily available and aligns with a national strategy on fighting the virus.

“The battle against Covid-19 is an international crisis, one that can only be achieved through solidarity and each one of us playing a role. Technology has a huge role to play in this fight, the use of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data as well as prescriptive Business Intelligence tools is absolutely vital and as IT Software group we feel compelled to collaborate with relevant bodies and clinicians to help combat this epidemic,” he said.