Mtambo demands resignation of NRB boss


Citizens for Transformation Commander in Chief Timothy Mtambo says National Registration Bureau (NRB) Chief Director Mackford Somanje should resign because he is a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) member and has failed to manage the national registration process.

Mtambo was speaking on Tuesday morning during a press briefing in Lilongwe. He said Somanje is behind all the things that are happening at NRB including registration of minors.

“As CTF we are demanding the resignation of NRB Director because we all know that he is a cadet, we have been seeing him in different DPP events wearing a DPP shirt so he is a Cadet therefore he is not capable to handle that position.

“You can see what is happening, registration of minors, and he has never reacted to the cries of people,” said Mtambo.

Mtambo also demanded an audit of the whole electoral process and that it should involve all stakeholders. According to Mtambo, the audit will ensure that there is a credible electoral process.

“We are saying they should respect the electoral process in the same measures they are respecting Covid-19 because for us we have had this Covid-19 for a long time, this government has been a pain in the veins of Malawians and this government must go. If anybody think they will manipulate the process they should know that they are sitting on a time bomb,” said Mtambo.

In the past weeks, there have been reports that children aged below 18 are being registered at NRB with their ages increased to 18 or above so that they should register with the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) and vote in the 2020 elections.

On Tuesday, MEC chairperson Jane Ansah said the commission will review its voter register and screen new registrants in order to remove those aged below 18.