Atupele distributes food items, Covid-19 preventive materials in Lilongwe


United Democratic Front (UDF) president Atupele Muluzi who is also Minister of Energy recently distributed foodstuffs and Covid-19 preventive materials in Lilongwe.

Muluzi and his team handed foodstuffs which included sugar, cooking oil and 25 kg of maize flour to over 600 vulnerable families at M’tsiliza and TA Mbwatalika in Mpingu, Lilongwe.

He also distributed preventive and protective materials which include soap, face masks and water dispenser bucket to the same people.

Speaking after distributing the items, Muluzi said he is just making sure that people who are vulnerable have enough food supplies.

“This is my small contribution to government efforts in making sure that poor people are cushioned from the economic problem which have come by the virus.

“I want to make sure that poor people have enough food supplies and are fully orientated on the precautions to follow to protect themselves from contracting the virus,” said Muluzi.

He urged the people to follow Covid-19 preventive measures which include maintaining social distance and washing their hands frequently.

“As you already know the President of this Country Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika disclosed that Covid-19 is real and it is here with us therefore we should fight the virus,” said Muluzi.

He also encouraged people to put politics aside and focus on fighting the pandemic as people of one country.

One of the beneficiaries at Mtsiriza thanked the minister for the items.

“I am very happy today after receiving soap, sugar, maize flour and other items which will help me a lot,” she said.

The distribution of the items is Muluzi’s personal initiative and he has also distributed items in the Southern, Eastern, Northern regions of Malawi.

Malawi has registered 41 cases of the coronavirus. There have been three deaths and 9 recoveries.