Mtambo: DPP recruiting witchdoctors from Mozambique to kill me


Citizens for Transformation (CFT)  leader, Timothy Mtambo, has claimed that Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members visited witchdoctors in Mozambique and Democratic Republic of Congo in order to kill him.

In his accusations without mentioning names, Mtambo said recently that the Democratic Progressive Party cadets went to Chitipa to approach witchdoctors with an aim of killing him but they failed.

“Whilst I was in Lilongwe I was able to see them going to Chitipa to seek help from a witchdoctor aided by man from our clan as per belief to kill someone magically you need to use someone from the same clan,” Mtambo said.

He further said that the DPP officials then went to Mozambique and Congo seeking help from witchdoctors to kill him but all proved futile.

He, however, warned people from his clan not to be used by DPP saying they will all perish.

But DPP’s spokesperson Nicholas Dausi in an interview refused to comment on the remarks by Mtambo saying the CFT leader has nothing in politics.

“I cannot comment on that matter, who is Mtambo? They don’t have even single member of parliament,” Dausi replied through a telephone interview.

During the visit in the district, Mtambo urged people from his home district to rally behind his movement to knock down the DPP led government.



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