Facebook patronage does not count in elections – Ansah


Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah has reminded voters that their ultimate goal in elections is to vote, saying providing support to candidates on social media does not count in elections.

The MEC chairperson made the remarks in a speech marking the launch of the campaign period.

Ansah encouraged all registered voters to keep their voter certificates safe and also turn out in large numbers on polling day.

“The truth is that only votes cast count for a candidate to win an election. Facebook and social media patronage do not count. So all registered voters should know that the ultimate goal is to turn up for voting,” she said.

She also reminded voters that it is their responsibility to ensure that they patronize campaign activities by all candidates so that they make informed decisions on who to vote for.

Ansah, however, said voters should desist from being agents of violence and intimidation.

“They should respect the political decisions and choices of others, we can co-exist in diversity of political choices, that is the beauty and power of democracy,” she said.

The official campaign period has started today and will end 48 hours before July 2, which is the polling day.

Currently, the commission is conducting voter registration and will receive nominations from presidential candidates next week.