Man gets 13 and a half years in prison for raping child


The Rumphi First Grade Magistrate (FGM) court on Thursday slapped a 44-year-old-man with 13 and a half years in jail for raping a child.

Rumphi police station police prosecutor inspector Blessings Chimbirazoa told the court that the convict Nelson Chaula raped the girl on January 4, 2020 at Chakoma village in the area of Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe in the district.

On the material day, Chaula found the victim in her mother’s kitchen. He demanded sex from her but she declined. He then grabbed the victim, pushed her down and raped her.

“He gave the victim K100 to stop her from revealing the forbidden act but she couldn’t contain it to herself as she revealed it to her friends who reported the matter to her mother which led to arrest of Chaula,” said Chimbirazoa.

In court, Nelson Chaula pleaded not guilty which forced the state to parade three witnesses who testified against him.

In his submission, Inspector Blessings Chimbirazoa prayed for a stiff sentence, saying the girl was traumatized.

In mitigation, Chaula asked court for leniency, saying he is a breadwinner and first offender.

First Grade Magistrate Cuthbert Phiri concurred with the state’s submissions and sentenced the convict to 13 years and six months imprisonment with hard labor, saying, that should serve as a lesson to him and would be offenders.

The offence of defilement contravenes section 138 (1) of the penal code.

Nelson Chaula comes from Chakoma village in the area of Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe in Rumphi.