Ritaa pleads with Piksy to love her more 


Malawi’s songstress Ritaa is crying out loud to Piksy to give her the love she deserves following the dwindling levels of commitment on the man’s side.

The Chapatali manufacturer is back in 2020 with a song that is undeniably out of this world. It is titled Kuwawa and features Afropop giant Piksy.

Kuwawa is a love song that is riding Afropop genre. Ritaa relates the tone to the message.  likewise, Piksy whose real name is Evans Zangazanga, is one of the factors that has created a hit out of ashes.

“Mtima Kuwawa/zikundivuta ndafuna kumvesesa koma ndalephera/ukundiiwala nde chikondi chikuwawa /mtima ukuwawa (my heart is bleeding/make me understand otherwise this love is bitter),” sings Ritaa

As a man Zangazanga has a daunting task of revamping their love but it must start with words before it gets to actions. He explains to her in a lovely way that will do nothing short of wiping her tears.

“I’m sorry I let you down/every week am out of town/bebie am working but thanks for checking/ndipanga zotheka kuti zonse zitheke (I will do my best to bring back the glory),” he responds

Some music lovers have rated the tune highly citing the style in which the message has been relayed. The audience believes love songs ought to reflect on the reality and not imaginations.

“This song is a true reflection of love life with no exaggerations. I turn to wonder when I listen to love songs in which lovers build castles in the air. Some artists should borrow a leaf from these Piksy and Ritaa,” said Howard Gombwa.

The song will from next week be made available across different platforms. Get your bundles ready and take note that the sweetness in Kuwawa is insatiable.