Asian Business community renovates isolation centre in Mzuzu

The Mzuzu Asian Business Community taskforce on Thursday donated assorted COVID-19 materials and handed over a renovated isolation facility at Mzuzu Central Hospital.

Speaking on behalf of the taskforce, Ash Rashid Bano said the renovation and materials cost them about K4 million Malawi.

“We had a request from Mzuzu Central Hospital in regards to the isolation facility, So we gathered some funds within our community and well wishers, and renovated the isolation facility,” he said.

At the centre, the group has renovated the roof, painted the floor and repaired all the toilets.

“So as we speak the isolation facility is up running, and God forbid if we have a case the facility can easily accommodate the patient,” said Bano.

The group also donated some materials to the hospital so that workers should be well protected when handling Covid-19 patients.

The items donated include protective suits, gloves, soaps, masks and 200 litres of sanitizer.

Commenting on negative comments on social media, he said he appreciates the important role critics play on social media by criticising but he urged them to join the community and all Malawians in fighting Covid-19.

In his remarks, Mzuzu Central Hospital Administrator Timoth Soko thanked Asian Business community for helping the hospital.

“The Asian Business Community has always been very supportive to Mzuzu Central Hospital.

“Government constructed various isolation centres through World Bank but there is some other issues that are suppose to be finalized which they have actually assisted us, so it is a very big step for us in terms of preparation for Corona virus disease,” said Soko.

He then urged well wishers to help the community with personal protective equipment.

Mzuzu isolation centre can accommodate about 10 cases, and at the moment the Northern Region is yet to register a COVID-19 case.