MK1.5 million/month house in Lilongwe triggers Malawi twitter

If your salary is not yet a seven digit, look away.

A house in Lilongwe marketed at a monthly rental of 1.5 million Kwacha has raised eyebrows among Malawians.

The house, a four bed roomed bungalow in Lilongwe’s Area 10, has been posted on social media by housing agents Nyumba24.

Yours at K1.5m a month

The agents are advertising that the house is at 1.5 million Kwacha per month. In US dollars, the monthly rentals are at almost U$2050, a figure considered too obscene by Malawian standards as they amount to annual earnings of most people.

The monthly rental is only a half of what a medical doctor would earn in 12 months according to an average by

The cost of the house has not gone without comments.

Commentator Idriss Ali Nassah while complaining about the pricing of the house, called for a need to regulate the housing market in Malawi which has seen an astronomical rise in the pricing of houses while people’s salaries have remained stagnant. In urban areas, the proliferation of unregistered agents has made the situation more complicated as they demand a lot of money just for viewing a house.

According to the advertorial, the house comes fully furnished.

Fully furnished