Major 1 Connect: Bushiri charging followers to join his online church:

Bushiri Major 1

Fraud and money laundering suspect, Shepherd Bushiri, has launched Major 1 Connect app where he is charging R80 (three thousand Malawi Kwacha) a month for people to access his online church service.

Through the app which can be accessed on both Apple Store and Google Play Store, the fraud charged Prophet is expected to make over K150 million after estimating that 30,000 people will join him through the app during this week’s Sunday service.

“We finally launched the ECG Online Church with over 7000 people participating on the video conference and 6 million viewers watching. Next week, we will take in 30,000 people on the video LIVE conferencing via MAJOR 1 CONNECT App”, said Bushiri in a statement published on his Official Facebook page.

However, the statement was not direct on whether all the people the Major 1 prophets estimates to join him for the service will decide to be paying worshippers.

In a statement, the church claims the app will enable people to directly engage with Bushiri who will be in his studios in South Africa through “a platform of praise and worship that is safe [and] one that keeps people in their homes, in the wake of Covid-19”.

“ECG Church Members and followers across the world become part of the church service through subscribing to Major 1 Connect, an application which helps them joining the video conferencing hosted by Prophet Bushiri in his studios in South Africa,” they said.”

“Through the video conferencing, those connected are able to interact with the Prophet, just like a normal physical church gathering.”

“They are able to talk with the Prophet and most important of it all, to pray with him as their number one prayer partner.”

Major 1, as the controversial prophet is fondly called by his followers, shocked the world earlier this month when he asked his followers to pay him an offering through his church bank account despite people being on lockdown due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Bushiri’s church said it were “happy with the innovation” as it maneuvers around the coronavirus and restrictions imposed to curtail the spread of Covid-19 which has limited physical church services.

Bushiri is expected to stand trial on money laundering and fraud charges together with his accused partner, Prophetess Mary Bushiri. It is alleged that the couple hired some of the most expensive lawyers in South Africa to fend off the charges.



  1. It’s our money, our bank cards, our apps, our data, our business, it’s none of your business, what’s your problem.

  2. I connect to the live service from Jamaica, how comes I don’t get charged?? May the God who answers by fire answer you!!!

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