Mvula asks govt to postpone Covid-19 lockdown


Social commentator Humphreys Mvula has asked President Peter Mutharika’s administration to postpone the Covid-19 lockdown and devise a plan on how the government will support people with food and money under the lockdown regime.

Mvula made the call on Friday during an interview with Malawi24 following the demonstrations that people have held in reaction to the lockdown which the Mutharika administration announced on Tuesday.

The lockdown will begin at midnight tomorrow and end on May 9. Mvula has echoed concerns of Malawians who are worried about hunger during the lockdown as they have no savings

“Sometimes our government does not consider about its people, how someone from the village can survive the 21 days indoors without doing business and going to work.

“I could have wished if they can first postpone the lockdown and make a vivid suggestion on how they can support Malawians,” said Mvula.

He further said that government need to consult opposition parties and other stakeholders before making its decision on such matters affecting the nation.

“Some actions by the government are always questionable. For a government to have peace, all the stakeholders must work hand in hand,” he said.

Coronavirus has killed two people in Malawi out of the 16 cases recorded. Government hopes a lockdown will reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

During the lockdown, people will only be allowed to go to the market in their locality from 9am to 2pm. Central markets will be closed and traders in local markets will be required to get temporary permits.

The Malawi Defence Force and the Malawi Police will enforce compliance to lockdown rules.


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  1. Mr mvula,, which jobs,, didnt you destroy bus company where many people lost jobs

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