Mzuni staff told be cautious after hyena spotted on campus



Members of staff at Mzuzu University have been advised to exercise caution after a hyena was spotted at the university’s campus.

According to the university’s office, the hyena was spotted within campus by guards during the night of 13th-14th April, 2020.

“Strange footprints were also spotted within campus,” the security office said in a memo on 15th April.

The University later engaged officials from the Department of Parks and Wildlife who went to the institution and confirmed that the footprints are really of a Hyena.

The University and the Department of Parks and Wildlife are working on logistics in order to have the slay animal tamed or eliminated.

The institution has since advised all members of staff and the entire Mzuzu Universirty Community to observe caution when moving more especially at night as the animal might be dangerous.

There are no students at the college following President Peter Mutharika’s decision to close all schools and colleges due to the Coronavirus pandemic.