Chinese Ambassador urges Malawians to take Covid-19 prevention measures seriously


Chinese Ambassador to Malawi Liu Hongyang has urged Malawians and the government to take Covid-19 prevention measures seriously, considering the medical system of Malawi and the highly contagious virus.

Liu said this in an article published on Tuesday on the Chinese Embassy website.

He noted that Malawi has not registered a case but urged Malawians to consider that the virus is highly contagious virus.

“I would like to suggest that the Malawi government and all Malawian people seriously take prevention and control measures, and adopt comprehensive detection and isolation measures.

“Everyone should take precautions in daily life, reduce exposure and travel, and do everything possible to prevent COVID-19 in Malawi,” he said.

The coronavirus started in China and  spread to over 170 countries across the world. According to Liu, 0n 29 March, there were 31 new confirmed cases in China and among them, 30 cases were imported from abroad.

In his article, Liu noted that, despite its limited conditions, Malawi provided valuable support for China in fighting against Covid-19.

“Arthur Peter Mutharika sent a letter to President Xi Jinping, expressing Malawi’s solidarity and appreciation for China’s prevention and control measures and many friends from all walks of life in Malawi expressed their condolences, support and best wishes to China as well. We are very grateful for that,” said Liu.

He added that the Chinese Embassy in Malawi will make continue assisting Malawi in preventing and controlling the epidemic in order to assist in protecting the health and safety of all Malawians.

Malawi is yet to record a case and earlier this month President Peter Mutharika banned public gatherings, closed schools and imposed travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The government is also encouraging Malawians to wash hands frequently, use sanitisers and practise social distancing.