Three of four machines back online at Kapichira Power Station


… One machine awaits spare parts, experts from Germany

The Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) says it has added 32.4MW to its system and now a total of 97.2MW is being generated from three of the four machines at Kapichira Power Station.

The company, which sells the power to ESCOM, said this in a statement posted on its website today.

According to Egenco, the machine at Kapichira Power Station which was under breakdown went back online in the afternoon of Sunday, 29 March 2020.

“Our engineers worked tirelessly to ensure that the machine is brought back into service the soonest upon arrival of the spare parts.

“This means we have now added 32.4MW in the system making a total of 97.2MW from Kapichira Power Station. This further entails that 3 out of 4 machines are now generating power from Kapichira,” the company said.

It added that work on the remaining one machine is waiting for spare parts from Germany alongside the engineering experts to help in installations and commissioning of the spares.

“We believe that once the travel restrictions around the word due to the COVID-19 are lifted, the spare parts and the commissioning engineers from Germany will be in the country to work with our team to finalize the work,” the company said.

The country has been experiencing power outages lasting over four hours a day for the past weeks. The power cuts worsened last week when all areas in the country were experience 7 hour blackouts as part of load shedding.