NGO inspects Service Charter project in Luchenza

Tilitonse Foundation on Tuesday visited citizens of Luchenza Municipal Council to inspect how the Service Charter project is benefiting both duty bearers and citizens around Luchenza.

The project phased out in February this year and the organisation wanted to get views from residents around Luchenza.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Tilitonse Chandiwila Chisi said he was satisfied as what the Service Charter highlights, is what is being practiced on the ground.

He expressed hope that people will continue following project’s policies despite Tilitonse is leaving.

“I am glad and satisfied seeing changes availing since service charter started. When we introduced the project here in Luchenza Municipal Council, we thought nothing will avail but after agreement with the municipal council and citizens of Luchenza, who accepted and adopted terms and conditions of the project, today people are enjoying policies of the project.

“Now citizens are able to demand better service from duty bearers through meaningful engagement, a thing which is behind our aim of promoting good governance and improved service delivery,” said Chisi.

Chisi then urged the municipal council and citizens of Luchenza to continue with the project as Tilitonse leave.

“Our part we have done, and we are phasing out All the mandate and authorities are in you now to take lead of the project for the benefit of all,” said Chisi.

Commenting on the matter, Mayor of Luchenza Municipal Council, Henderson Alex Spuni, said they are ready to proceed with what they are doing.

In an interview, one of the citizens, Victor Mmamiwa, from Chilomo village, Traditional Authority Nanseta in Thyolo said service charter has opened their eyes, sharpened their minds and has created the access for them to lobby any development from duty bearers.

“Before service charter we were being sidelined in any development but now we are engaged by council in budget formulation, development and our markets are kept clean all the time. Additionally, we are able to demand good water in our communities,” said Mmamiwa.

The Service Charter project started in February 2019 and was being implemented in Liwonde by the NICE Trust in Thyolo with funding from Tilitonse Foundation.

It was aimed at strengthening local governance for improved service delivery through Civic Innovations and Crowdsourcing.

The impact areas for the project are Luchenza Municipal Council and Pwemphwe Area of GVH Nkhata, T/A Changata in Thyolo district.