Malawi’s God warned the World! Lord Makuta’s ‘coronavirus’ prophecy come to pass

Overtone Makuta, the man from Malawi claiming to be God, made a spine-shilling prophecy last year of the coronavirus which he said would lead to a world recession and force countries to go on lockdown.

The Lord, as he is fondly called by his followers, issued the prophecy in July last year during a crusade held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The footage shared on Official YouTube channel shows Lord Makuta saying the world would experience a number of strange things including mysterious diseases from January this year.

During the prophecy, the Lord urged the world to start preparing, saying the strange things and the looming outbreak would lead to a world recession.

“From January next year [2020], things shall start happening on Earth. Problems shall increase. Sicknesses.  The world economy shall start going down in a very strange way. I say from January next year. I do not know until when, but it will be from January next year” said Lord Makuta on 28th of July while in Dar es Salaam.

Lord Overtone, who is also known as the Mighty Angel, claimed to have told authorities in Malawi to start preparing for the disease- which his church claims to be the coronavirus. He said countries would go on lock-down and stop helping each other as a result of the outbreak.

The Malawian-based God said companies allover the world would also shutdown as a result of the outbreak.

“There will be a lot of suffering. A lot of companies in the world shall close down. There will be no country that will help another. A lot of problems are coming. I have seen them. From January next year. I have told the people in Malawi to get ready” he foretold.

The founder of Headstone Prophetic Ministry International assured his followers of his protection from the outbreak that is currently ravaging the world.

“I am not talking about Tanzania but I am talking about the world because God is here on earth doing an investigative judgement… From January next year, the world shall start experiencing strange things but those who believe in the Mighty name will be protected.

“The people will be wondering: ‘what is happening to you’ and you will answer them: ‘I have the Living God’. They will tell you: ‘lead us to your God, we need help’. You people who believe in me, will be very busy” he told his congregation.

Over 330 thousand cases of the Covid-19 have been confirmed worldwide. Globally, over 14 thousand people have been killed in thew world.

As foretold by Lord Makuta, several countries such as the United States, United Kingdom (UK), China, Rusian and South Africa have so far gone on full lockdown and closed their borders while restricting public gatherings.

Several companies have closed down.

Malawi has declared a State of Disaster because of the threat posed by the Covid-19, the novel outbreak widely known as coronavirus. The country does not have any confirmed case.

In an interview with Zodiak’s Cruise 5, Lord Makuta detailed how he came to be God, revealing that he started seeing spiritual visions when he was just 5 years old. Watch the full interview below.



  1. Ndikutha kumunvesa nkuluyo bwino bwino, koma FUTSO nkumati mnsinkhu wonsewo kepena kuti nthawi yonseyi anali kuti, kapena tinene kuti Yehova yo wamulowa okalamba kalamba kale choncho? Anthu amukhulupira bwanji nkulu ameneyo, aaaaaaa koma zinazi guys

    1. Ine ndimakhulupilila Ambuye Overtone umboni wawo ndi ntchito zawo zilindendende. Pakuti Satana sakanandisintha kuchokela kuzimene ndinali kufikila pamene ndilipa. Satana amachiza ndizowona koma sasintha moyo wamunthu pamene Ambuye Overtone andisintha ine ndinso ena ambili. Ndiye inu mukuti Ambuye Overtone akutenga kuti mphanvu zotembenuza dzidakhwa, dzifwamba, mahule komanso afiti ndi ena onse kukhala wowopa tchimo komanso wowona mtima?

  2. If you can’t believe HIM me I’ll.
    If you cannot worship HIM I’ll
    HE is true God. I would like the writer to write this story with full respect but anyway. Me I’ll move with HIM

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