Mzuzu residents urged to use waste bins

The Mzuzu City Council (MCC) has urged the city’s residents to use refuse bins which the council has placed in several areas across the city.

According to the council, some residents have a habit of dumping waste anywhere and this is derailing the council’s efforts in enhancing sanitation and hygiene in the city.

“We want to put in on record that much as the council is struggling to meet some of its obligations in haulage of waste, the tendency is counterproductive to efforts of the council as it overstretches the work of our cleaners who instead of concentrating on other areas of services provision they spend time cleaning available mess,” said MCC spokesperson Macdonald Gondwe.

Gondwe then asked residents to use the bins located in the city.

“We are urging our clients to make good use of the bins that are situated in the strategic spaces. The council is ready to collect the refuse from these spaces for final disposal, and we are urging people who are just dumping refuse in undesignated spaces to immediately stop or face the law,” he said.

Currently, the council takes waste collected from the city to Lusangazi forest where there is a temporary waste site.

Earlier this year, residents around Msiro waste site forced the council to close the site saying it was hazardous to them. Talks for possible reopening of the site are still underway.