Mvula urges youth to demand good programs from leaders


Political commentator Humprey Mvula has urged young people in the country to demand good programs from leaders of their political parties rather than being used to cause violence.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, Mvula said parties do not have good plans for the youths because young people are not involved in developing the plans.

“All the parties that we have do not have proper developed youth programs. They do not define what they are going to do to the youths of Malawi. We have different categories of youths, those in primary, secondary college and even those who dropped out from school. You find that there are no programs streamlined for them.

“The problem is that young people do not demand what they want to be provided for them in their daily lives. They just receive orders from their leaders on what to do in which most of the things are not good for them,” he said.

Mvula also expressed concern that the country’s economy has failed to provide opportunities for young people saying there are not enough jobs and this forces young people to do anything for a small amount of money.

He further said that as the country is expected to hold fresh presidential elections this year, it is important for young people to listen to different party manifestos so that they should make informed decision.

“Vote for the candidate who cares for you, don’t vote for a person just because you come from the same home, or that they are related to or that the president speak the same language as you, but vote for someone who has programs which are good for you,” Mvula said.