Reserve Bank boss hopeful Silver will win Super League

Reserve Bank Governor Dalitso Kabambe is hopeful Silver Striker will win the Super League in the 2020 season.

Speaking today at the team’s headquarters, Kabambe whose organisation sponsors the club said he expects the team to do well in the coming season.

“We have promoted a number of players from our reserve side, we have also bought new players from different teams. So we have a very good set of skills which we have assembled together for this upcoming season. So our expectation is that we want to win every single game that’s our intention.

“If we are going to win every game, it means we will be able to win Airtel Top 8, Fisd Challenge Cup as well as the Super League,” said Kabambe.

He noted that the club only won the Airtel Top 8 but did not perform well in other competitions.

According to Kabambe, this why the club has made changes to the board.


” As you have noted we have a new board; we have also changed one or two persons in the board in terms of what they do. You may recall that we used to have an executive panel, we have also changed that for the first time now we are having a CEO of the club. we have Mr Chimbali as a CEO of the club this year,” he said.

Kabambe further noted that they changed the technical panel which now has a coach from Zambia.

“You can see that now we have some international flavor just as other teams, our team now is headed by Mr Kabwe who is from Zambia and he is a very hardworking coach and the entire technical panel has also changed as well as the players,” he said.

He added that if the team does not do well in the 2020 season, there will be no excuses but changes will also be made.

“I think this message goes to the whole team as they go in the season, what we want is a win not a draw not a loss but only a win and we hope the team will manage to do that”, said Kabambe.

In his remarks, Silver Head Coach Daniel Kabwe said he will make sure the team wins all competitions next season.

“I am sure that’s has been a target from the time I walked in Malawi and from this moment in time and again the governor has really emphasized that all what he wants to see is winning games.

“I’ve got the team that can stand the test, the team is prepared. We have done everything and we are still preparing and for the game that we are playing this weekend we have prepared enough and we are going to win for sure”, said Kabwe.

The Super League is expected to start this weekend when Silver Strikers will play against Civo United.