CRECCOM conducts legal clinic for girls in Chikwawa


Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM) recently conducted legal clinic for girls under the Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) project to enhance legal literacy among adolescent girls and young women.

AGYW Field Officer, Enoch Kachitsa, expressed hope that the project will reduce cases of gender based violence in the district.

“We are making sure that the AGYW out of school clubs understand where to report gender based violence cases if they are abused and how they can avoid being involved gender based violence situations,” said Kachitsa.

Kachitsa also uttered on the importance of legal clinic meetings with AGYW out of school girls’ clubs.

“Girls were experiencing gender based violence but had no idea of their types and examples. So the coming of legal clinics will help them to understand what to do when they are involved in gender based violence related cases,” said Kachitsa.

During the meeting, the Inspector from Chikwawa Police, Kingsley Mvuthe sensitised the girls about law enforcement and the justice in Malawi, especially in relation to gender based violence, theoretical and administrative concepts behind the criminal and civil justice system.

Legal clinic is one of the activities AGYW project is conducting with out of school clubs which are composed of 50 girls and young women who dropped out of school or never went to schoo.

It is facilitated in collaboration with the Judiciary, Police, and Social Welfare Officers in the district.

By Lonjezo Idrissa