Sealed: UTM agrees to partner MCP

UTM has agreed to partner the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in the May 19, 2020 presidential elections.

UTM spokesperson Chidanti Malunga  confirmed the alliance in a press statement today which has also been signed by Secretary General Patricia Kaliati.

Malunga said the party’s president Saulos Chilima has been given the task of concluding the final details of the alliance agreement on behalf of all UTM members.

He added that a signing ceremony will take place on March 19 in Lilongwe.

According to Malunga, UTM members appreciate the importance of unity among all Malawians irrespective of political persuasions.

“[UTM members recognize] that cooperation between well-meaning and unselfish Malawians sharing common political ideologies and interests is indispensable and in the interests of all Malawians,” he said.

He further said that there is support for a united front of Malawians who are not happy with current state of affairs.

The alliance means two of the candidates who contested in the now nullified 2019 presidential elections have joined forces.

It is clear that the two – Chilima and MCP leader Chakwera – are both interested in the presidency. What is not clear is who will be the torchbearer for the MCP-UTM alliance in the 2020 elections.

Previous reports have shown that Chakwera will lead the alliance with Chilima becoming runningmate.

In the nullified presidential elections, Chakwera amassed 1,781,740 votes while Chilima got 1,018,369.


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  1. The fact is that Chilima must be a VP and yet joining Mcp isn’t a good move for the party as there’s too much parties already joined Mcp this will not end well for political and presidential interests
    All we need are leaders who’ll run Malawi as they run their house
    Leaders who’ll understand people problems and put then as their priorities

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