Youth urged to register for National IDs


The National Registration Bureau (NRB) has urged young people in the country to register for National Identity (ID) cards.

The remarks were made on Monday by NRB Chief Director, Mackford Somanje, during the official launch of Dolo Amalembetsa Unzika Campaign that was held on Monday in Lilongwe.

Somanje said there is need for every youth at the age 16 and above to register for the National ID from August this year.

He continued to say they have launched the campaign after finding out young people are not registering for National IDs so the campaign will ensure that no one should be left behind without registering.


“The campaign aims at encouraging youths in the country to register for the National Identity (ID) Cards in considering that the last cohort was for those aged 18 and above,” he said.

He added that NRB has also introduced penalties that will be imposed on people when they do not register.

In his remarks, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Chief Technical Advisor, Taliq Malik, said Malawi has done a great job in registering adults in the last registration, but now there is need to include the youth who were left behind so that they can have National IDs.

He said they will also launch child registration project this year so that even children can have National IDs and fill the gap of people left behind in National ID registration.

On his part, Managing Director for HD Plus Creations, Gift Sukali, said they have been involved in the campaign by producing music videos and adverts among others to make youths aware of the registration process.

He said they will always engage media houses and they are going to travel across the country to sensitize youths on the importance of registering for the national ID.

Malawi carried out its first ever National ID Registration in 2017 where those who were aged 18 or above by that time were allowed to register.