March to State House still on, says Mtambo before being arrested

Rights activist Timothy Mtambo has handed himself to Police in Lilongwe but has insisted that the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) will still lead protesters to State House later this month.

Mtambo who was being hunted by police, has been arrested around noon today after he went to Area 3 Police Station to hand himself in.

According to Mtambo’s lawyer Khwima Mchizi, the HRDC chairperson will likely spend the night in police custody since the lawyers will wait start processing bail tomorrow.

Before Mtambo was arrested, police fired teargas at hundreds of people who went to the police station to support Mtambo.

Police on Sunday also arrested HRDC vice chairperson Gift Trapence and member McDonald Sembereka.

The law enforcers accuse the three activists of threatening to shut down State House and  inciting other people to join them in the march to the State House.

Sembereka and Trapence were moved to Blantyre after being arrested in Lilongwe but the High Court has ruled that their case should be heard in Lilongwe.


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