Police arrest thief who defecates at premises before stealing

A thief who defecates at premises before stealing was arrested on Friday night while trying to steal a bicycle from Nkhotakota Police Station.

The man has been identified as Kajombo Simunye, 34, who was already on bail for another theft charge.

According to Nkhotakota police public relations officer Sub Inspector Williams Kaponda, Simunye told police that a witchdoctor gave him the stealing charms with instructions that whenever he arrives at the targeted premises, he should remove all clothes, defecate then continue with the mission.

On Friday night, Simunye wanted to steal and he did all his charms procedure. He then climbed Nkhotakota police station’s fence to steal a bicycle.

However, night duty officers heard him struggling to get the bicycle outside through the fence.

Officers rushed to where the strange noise was coming from, only to find Simunye naked on top of the fence with a bicycle. He was instantly arrested and charged with theft

Simunye is expected to appear in the court of law soon.

He hails from Kamange village in the area of senior chief Malengachanzi in Nkhotakota district.