Journalists, Puma Energy dresses Chigumula schools

As one way of reducing the effects of climate change, Blantyre based journalists under Blantyre Press Club in conjunction with Puma Energy, dressed two Chigumula schools with 6000 trees.

Speaking after these two events, Puma Energy Chief Executive Officer Dr Davis Lanjesi hailed the relationship between Blantyre Press Club and Puma Energy in as far as afforestation in the country is concerned.

Dr Lanjesi said it is very disturbing that trees coverage has gone down from 48 percent to 23 percent.

The CEO added that it was this reason which haunted Puma Energy to join hands with journalists under Blantyre Press Club membership to bring back forests which the country used to have in the past.

“The impression is very great, this exercise has been successful since 2013 and that is why up to now we are still working with journalists of Blantyre Press Club in bringing back our forests.

“We have been in different areas under these exercises such as; Dzalanyama forest, Machinga, Zomba and so many other areas and overall, we are really impressed with journalists’ commitment on afforestation matters,” Said Dr Lanjesi.

In his reaction, Blantyre Press Club president Blessings Kanache said the club is committed to reducing the impact of deforestation which according to him has hit hard the country.

Kanache further added that the club is planning to go to the lower Shire, Chikwawa in particular which has been a victim of deforestation as year in, year out the district is hit by floods.

“This year we are planning to go to Chikwawa district which is flood prone and plant some trees therein so that we mitigate the impact of climate change due to deforestation and we are encouraging to plant indigenous trees to restore them all,” added Kanache.

Kanache further advised the general public to follow suit by planting trees in their respective areas claiming that is the only way of moving forward with afforestation.

Concurrently, Mayor of the Blantyre city Wild Ndipo who was the guest of honour during the exercise, said people should build the character of planting trees with the aim restoring forests in the country.

Ndipo further urged different stakeholders to join Puma Energy and Blantyre Press Club doing such activities countrywide.

Meanwhile, Puma Energy and journalists under Blantyre Press Club has since 2013 planted 106, 000 trees and want to plant 1 million trees.