Human trafficking victims need proper care – Anti-trafficking committee


The National Coordination Committee against Trafficking in Persons says the human trafficking cycle cannot be broken if proper care, assistance and protection are not accorded to victims.

A member of the committee Patricia Liabuba made the remarks in Lilongwe yesterday where women from different faith institution gathered to discuss the situation of human trafficking.

Liabuba who is also the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Homeland Security said shortage of shelters is forcing law enforcement agencies such as police and immigration to keep trafficking in person victims in victim support units located in police station.

Speaking at the event, Gateway of Hope Chairperson Memory Chisenga said the organization which was established in 2011 aims at offering services to female victims of human trafficking and creating a place where they can flee for safety, care and rehabilitation by building a shelter.

Chisenga added that they are also willing to create an environment where victims can be healed emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

“We aim as far as possible to keep this in line with Malawi laws and its culture. We therefore ask people in country to see the victims as citizens of this country by socializing with them instead of discriminating against them,” she said.

Commenting on the issue, Pastor Grace Chamsiya of Living Waters Church pledged to sensitise their church members on human traffcking.

Trafficking in persons involves the trade of humans for various purposes such as sexual exploitation, forced labour and organ removal.