Chieftaincy wrangles derail development, says Minister Ben Phiri


Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Dr. Ben Phiri, has urged royal families in the country to fully involve Senior Chiefs in resolving any chieftaincy wrangles.

Phiri made this appeal to royal families today, during the elevation ceremony of Sub-Traditional Authority Nyezelera to full Traditional Authority Nyezelera.

Phiri said that disputes over chieftaincy among royal families in the country hinder effective development as the communities lack leaders.

“Chieftaincy wrangles derail development in the affected communities, hence must be resolved amicably by also involving Senior Chiefs to guide,” said Phiri.

In his remarks, Member of Parliament for Phalombe East, Robert Mwini, concurred with the minister on his appeal to the royal families when it comes to Chieftaincy disputes.

“I appreciate the minister for his relentless efforts in ensuring that Chieftaincy wrangles are resolved across the country,” said Mwini.

Mwini urged royal families to seek guidance from Senior Chiefs whenever there are misunderstanding over who deserve to be the chief.