Malawi govt. declares Imedi a Martyr: APM administration to construct Msundwe memorial pillar


The DPP Government is set to announce its next bombshell hot on the heels of the DPP-UDF Alliance and abolition of quota system.

Sources at the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) confided that government is poised to declare murdered Malawi Police Mobile Service (PMS) officer Superintendent Usumani Imedi as a National Martyr.

Ministry of Information, and Civic Education has been tasked to arrange modalities that murdered Usuman Imedi be recognized as a National Martyr for the role he played in fighting what the government calls “violence” and “political terrorism”.

It has also been established that plans are underway to construct a memorial pillar at Msundwe Trading Center where Imedi was butchered as a way of remembering him and reminding the people of Msundwe and Malawians of the good police officer who was killed in the act of protecting citizens.

The official further revealed that government will provide scholarships to the three kids of slain police officer Usumani Imedi who are struggling in their home village of Makanjira in Mangochi district until they finish their tertiary education.

Imedi was brutally killed by a mob at Msundwe in October 2019 where he was assigned as a team leader of PMS officers deployed to quell post-election violennce along the Lilongwe-Mchinji Road where rioters had barricaded the road that is also an international gateway.

Until his death, Imedi was stationed at PMS C Company in Lilongwe and had just completed a two-month leadership and crowd control training course. He found himself rounded by the angry mob before he was stoned to death.



  1. What about Njaunju?What about the numerous albinos?20 victims killed by his brother in Mzuzu. That pillar will be demolished mark my words

  2. Stupid idea. What about the children & women who were raped in Nsundwe? Where is their justice????

  3. Stupid idea. What about the children & women who were raped in Nsundwe? Where is their justice????

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