How to Maintain Good Grades While Playing a Sport

Finding the balance between academics and competitive games is challenging for students. It is because games are time-consuming and demanding activity, which leaves one with limited time for other things. With balancing grades being a struggle, there is a need to adopt time-saving strategies such as the following.

Stay organized with school and sports

The primary strategy to balance sports and academics is ensuring that proper planning is part of you. With a heavy academic workload and sporting activities, it is challenging to keep everything in mind. So, as WikiHow suggests, make use of a big planner to keep track. It should incorporate essential information such as your assignments, deadlines, and dates for exams. Also, believes it should include practice sessions, events, and free time. In this way, you have a rough idea of all the responsibilities you have each week and can plan for each of them. Ensure that it is flexible to accommodate any events or assignments that come up. A digital planner on your phone is ideal for you.

Plan study sessions for better grades

As much as you may have all things planned out, to ensure your academics and athletics work together, you need some time for studying. Curving sometime every week, let us say thirty minutes every day can come in handy in ensuring you keep up with your studies. You do not want to get overwhelmed by too many materials to read within a limited period. So, learn how to incorporate study sessions in your planner to keep up with your studies. Thirty minutes to one hour sessions may seem like a short time. However, they can make a difference in the long run. So, make a point of having them.

Find help to balance sports and grades

When you have academic-sports conflict, you may try everything you can to ensure that none gets forgotten. While you may do all you can, in the end, it can be hopeless. However, do not worry. Everyone understands that the two are demanding; thus, looking for help can be the best course of action. In studying, completing research papers and essays can be overwhelming. So, if such poses a challenge, it is okay to consider the help of writing services such as write my uk essay to help in completing writing assignments. As a competitive games student, relying on such services will save you some time for engaging in games while eliminating the stress of lateness and failure in your tasks.

Attend classes

While engaging in competitive games in college is essential, skipping classes lays a foundation for failure in your studies. It is the belief that skipping classes is okay as long as one is engaged in playing games. However, this is an attitude that every student should shun away from if they want their academics and athletics to go-hand-in-hand. Attending your classes is the surest way of ensuring you succeed in your studies. Missing one or more may seem harmless, but with time, you end up lagging or failing to understand critical concepts, as explained by the professor. To keep your grades up, try as much as possible to attend most of your lectures, and develop a close relationship with your instructors. In this way, you will be sure of balancing sports with your studies.

Be productive during the weekend

While juggling two essential activities in your life may be tiring, if you want to be successful in them, you need to make some sacrifices, according to Pledge Sports. Yes, you may have played sports all through the week and attended several classes, and now you feel that you need a relaxing weekend.  While this may be a good idea, you can use this time in a better and productive way. Essay Basics suggests that you surrender such time for your schoolwork. For some hours, write your assignments, read your notes, and prepare for the following week’s homework. You may not feel like you have done much, but reducing all the school work you will deal with over the week will be worth it.

Do student-athletes get better grades?

When it comes to balancing sports and school, there is always the worry of whether the two go-hand-in-hand. However, researchers believe that academic success correlates with sporting.  A majority of students who participate in competitive games in college tend to perform better in their studies. It is because sports tend to promote a positive attitude; it opens the mind and pushes one to work harder. Therefore, more sportsmen and women in college become motivated; thus, succeed in their studies.


Playing competitive games and having a successful academic life are aspects a student should aspire to accomplish. Games help you develop social skills, become employable while schoolwork gives you the knowledge to succeed. So, find the balance between the two by observing the above strategies and enjoy college life.