Is a Lamborghini stolen in South Africa in Malawi?

Media reports on social media allege that a Lamborghini Urus, with an estimated cost of R4m (about K200 million), stolen in South Africa has been spotted in Mangochi, Malawi.

The luxury vehicle disappeared on February 4 in Bedfordview, Johannesburg. The owner has offered a reward of R200,000 (about K10 million) for information leading to its recovery.

A post shared online by Mikozi, a local tabloid outlet, allege that the vehicle had been spotted in Mangochi.

Mikozi’s post reads: ”The Lamborghini that people have been seeing in mangochi might not be the one stolen in SA’ – Mirriam Mwase commented after these images have been trending on social media”.

While Malawi24 was unable to find a Facebook user named Mirriam Mwase, the image used by Mikozi purporting to be Mangochi was first tweeted by private investigators on social media as being Mozambique.

A South African Private Investigator, Anton Koen, has also been quoted as saying that the Lamborghini’s last confirmed location is Mozambique.

PASCOE private investigations also claimed in a tweet that the image of the vehicle were taken in Mozambique.

Malawi has been a market for ‘hot cars’, topnotch vehicles stolen in South Africa.